It’s Pintastic..

14 Jun

I am probably the 9,028th person to write a blog post about how much I adore Pinterest.

& then the day I got my invite in my e-mail box happened to be the same day they launched the iPhone App.  Consider me obsessed..because I totally am.  Like literally..I am on it during commercials…as I lay in bed at night.  All the friggin’ time.  You can check out my pins right here if you want.

I thought I’d share a few of my necklace that I found and then subsequently bought five minutes later.  Pinterest is bad for my bank account.


Inspiration for Holden’s Big Boy Room..his walls now are the same color.  I love this room for when he grows out of the animal phase and into being more of a kid.  Which I have decided will never happen.

My lust for all things Harry Potter


My mantle inspiration..which I have started collecting..and which you will see once I edit my looooooooooong house tour video. enthusiasm about reading..


If you take a look at my feed you will notice that I apparently have an obsession with chevron.  Seriously, I’ve pinned a purse, fabric, an iphone case and a wedding cake.


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