Cake Meltdown.

12 Jul


Oh, Holden.

The first weeks of summer were pretty awesome.  I enjoyed being able to see Holden all day and he seemed pretty pumped about having his mom around all the time.  This school year was really hard on all of us.  It took me awhile to get adjusted to things and I spent anywhere from 10-12 hours a day working on school stuff and then come home spend an hour or two with Holden and when he went to sleep I would work on the Cake Blog.  Actually, strike that.  I don’t think I ever really adjusted until we moved in our new house.

Since June we’ve just been really enjoying our time together as a little family.  It’s been nice just to be the three of us again.  Then Holden’s vocabulary literally started blowing my mind.  All the sudden he was blurting out masterpeices like “purple” and appropriatley timed “Uh-Oh’s” and my favorite?  “I don’t know!”  Which he says..all the time..whenever you ask him a question.  When he is 12 I HATE “I don’t know!” but now it’s friggin adorable and I often ask him “Holden, what is the square root of pie?” followed by “I don’t know!”.

Love it.

Then he started pointing and making choices.  In the morning he crawls in the fridge and pulls out what he wants for breakfast (always, always the chocolate sauce for chocolate milk).  When he wants a toy he can open his toy box and get it himself.  However, with these new words and choices being made he is starting to loose his mind when he is misunderstood..or doesn’t get his way.  I know it’s perfectly normal.  In fact, it kind of hurts me to think about how frustrating it must be for him to know exactly what he wants but has NO idea how to express himself.  For the last few weeks he has thrown the occasional tantrum but gotten over them pretty quickly.  I give him a quick hug and let him know I love him but then I let him work it out.  Usually it last 35 seconds before he either forgets what he wants or decides it’s just not worth the fuss.  Literally, he can be seen mid-tantrum shrugging his shoulders as if to say “oh well”.

But not today.  Yesterday his incisors popped through..the others are right under the skin.  He’s been such a little trooper through the pain but I think today it was enough.  My mom comes once a week.  I go into my classroom to work and she gets to play with Holden all day.  We all win.  Today Holden did NOT want her to go home.  He wouldn’t let go of her shirt and I had to pry him from her kicking and screaming.  I don’t blame him though.  If I had just spent the entire day with a woman who is a slightly nicer version of mommy and gave me whatever I wanted..I wouldn’t want her to leave either.  Of course he didn’t nap either..Holden has got the  “I am really exhausted but I am going to act like I am not because I hate sleep” skills down.  It takes a professional to see that the kid needs a flipping nap.  So with the teething, the nap and the fact that sweet Grandma was headed out of the door Holden flipped out.

Literally flipped out.  He rolled around on the floor, screamed, and kicked for a good 15 minutes.  He was so far out of control I could tell he was beginning to scare himself.  Eventually I picked him up and rocked him to sleep.  At 4:30 p.m…thus ruining our entire schedule but whatever..45 minutes later the doorbell rang and the dog bark therefore causing tiny panic from the crib.  Super.

After a long day I decided we needed cupcakes.  So off to Publix we went around 7:30.  This is usually around the time Holden is winding down for bed.  I figured with his late nap he would be good.  Dave was gone and I needed a chocolatey treat.  I got cupcakes and was in line 5 minutes after I parked the car in the parking lot.


Of course, this was the only time in my life I’d ever seen cashiers backed up at Publix.  We were in line with about 3 people ahead of us (one of whom was a young very pregnant girl who we might have just scarred for life..seriously..I wish I had taken a picture of her expression..she was a deer in headlights).  Holden starts screaming.  So I pick him up.  Then wailing.  So I put him down.  Then starts the on his back-feet-kicking full on tantrum.

In Publix where only fancy people shop.

Everyone who got in line behind us left.  People were staring at me and my kid and giving me that, “What an awful child face”.  I know that face because I have given it myself.  I picked him back up…he starts to hit me.  I am totally loving motherhood at this moment.  In my mind I am weighing the pro’s and con’s and asking I ride this out and reward myself with cupcakes or do I just leave the cart and get out of here.  This was quiet the conundrum you see..because I heart cupcakes almost as much as I love Holden.  Then..the angel of mercy in a green vest walks up to me and says, “Ma’am..I’ve opened lane 3 just for you”.

At first, I was a little annoyed that they were making a big deal out of my child acting like the spawn of satan on the floor.  As soon as she took my cart to lane 3, Holden stood up gave me a HUGE smile and followed the girl to the checkout line.  It was almost like he meant to do it so we could cut the line.

I rewarded him with his own cupcake.


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