Best Buy Bonding

28 Jul

Two posts in twenty-four hours?  Am I ill?


We went out tonight.  It’s something we rarely do.  After we get home from work and eat dinner you can usually find us in the living room playing with Holden with The Office on in the background.  I am in my last few days of summer and Dave had today off.  We spent most of the day running errands without each other.  I went first–then he did–because taking Holden to places like the DMV is not smart.  After dinner tonight I was bored and antsy so we went out and got Bubble Tea and let Holden watch the big fountain for a few minutes.  We are so entertaining–I know!  Then we stopped by Best Buy on the way home because any excuse Dave can find to go to Best Buy he takes.

Holden immediately spots the new football game.  Dave starts playing it and hands Holden the other controller.  (and yup, I sanitized his hands afterwards).  After a few minutes we walked away to look at the televisions and Holden literally RAN away from us screaming “BALLLLLLLLL!” right towards the game.  A man was playing it and Holden just kept staring saying “ball, ball, ball!!”  Every time we walked away he kept trying to run back.  When we left he put his head on my shoulder–all dramatic–and whispered “balll..”   It was adorable.

And yup, I realize this might be the most mundane post I’ve ever written.


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