Hi, my name is Christen & it’s been over two months since my last post.

30 Sep

I’ve been having an internal struggle with this blog for some time.  There have been a lot of moments where I really want to go forward and work on making this blog awesome and I am posting ALL the time.

There are other moments where I just want to print out all my posts and shut the blog down.  I’ve been feeling this way pretty much for the last year.

I started this blog in 2008.  I mostly wrote about the random crap that happened to me all while secretly praying that this would eventually turn into a pregnancy/baby blog.  Which in early 2009 it did.  Then it was filled with stories about me wanting to kill old people in Wal-Mart and how I gave people the bird at least every other day which is something I never do.  Then I had Holden and I got to write about this tiny little person and how freaking SCARY he was to me.  Then I went back to work full time and suddenly life wasn’t quiet so funny anymore and I was too exhausted to share.  Now life is normal and I spend most of my time blogging about wedding cakes and this little blog just sort of fell by the wayside.  I finally figured out why the other day.

I don’t really like to blog about Holden.  I LOVE Holden.  He’s kind of amazing and rocks my face off.  He makes me laugh about nine million times a day and other than my job & Dave, he’s my entire life.  But he’s a person now.  He says words, he has demands (many of them), he gets his feelings hurt and he laughs often.  It might seem entirely crazy to you but I just feel weird putting his life on the interwebs without him knowing about it.  That’s not to say I’ll never post pictures of him again or tell a funny story every once and awhile but I just don’t want him to be a grown-up and be able to have people goggle stories about him pooping in the tub–or something like that.  Although, I imagine in twenty years it will be something much fancier and the internet probably won’t even exsist anymore therefore making this entire thought process irrelevant.

Oh well.

I’m not trying to insult people who do blog about their kids.  Call me a hypocrite but Mom blogs are some my FAVORITE blogs to read.  Hearing those poop in the tub stories make me laugh and think “I’ve so been there!”.

I’ve felt this way for a long time which is why I have spent the last year trying to decide if I should shut this down or change it completely.  I decided to change it (kind of).  The truth is I love this blog & I can’t imagine it not being there.  I love getting random comments on posts from a year ago.  I love re-reading old posts.  I can’t imagine it not existing anymore.

So it’s changing..and in an effort to blog more I am making a kind of scary commitment.  Over the past six or so months my taste in blogs have changed.  I’m obsessed with design blogs.  I’m not saying that ALL I will ever talk about is my house and D.I.Y projects but I’ve been doing a ton of them lately and fixing up our new house is something that I’ve really enjoyed doing lately.  Dave has not enjoyed it by the way.

But back to that scary commitment…I’ve decided to join one of my favorite blogs The Nester and join her and many others in a 31 Days Of Series.…so for 31 days in October (that’s..um..everyday).  I will (try) to blog about something for 31 days.  I think you’re kind of supposed to be an expert on the topic and share your wealth of knowledge with others..but I am no expert that’s fo’ sho.  So I just chose something that needs to happen like STAT in my house and I’m going with it.

And don’t yell at me if I make it to October 4th and crap out.  I work 60 hours a week and have a 2 year old..but I am really, really going to try.  So check back tomorrow and see what I decide to talk about for 31 days.

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