31 Days of: Making a House a Home:: Day 3

3 Oct

Making da’ curtains.

I have to admit..even though this is my Day 3 post..I actually did this on Day 1.  Time isn’t something I have a lot of Monday thru Friday so don’t think I spend my days sewing.  Just felt like I needed to throw that one out there.

My living room was looking pretty blah.  The walls our neutral because we haven’t had to urge to paint in there yet. Our furniture is dark and for now it matches pretty well so painting is last on our list.  I’d been searching for fabric pretty much all summer with no luck.  My problem was the color scheme in our room.   I went from coral, white and gold..to navy, white and brown..to navy, green and brown and then to light blue, brown and green..which was I suck with.  Eventually I came across a fabric that I just loved.  I thought about buying curtains because I wanted them to be nicer but with three windows in our living room and two panels per window I thought I might eventually go broke.

So I found this fabric from fabric.com.

I thought it looked all sorts of Pottery Barn-esque and it was only $7.99 a yard..so for the entire room it cost about $70.00.  I over bought because I like to hang my curtains high and have them drape on the floor a little bit.  Plus, I bought this brand before when making curtains for Holden’s room and it shrunk quiet a bit when I washed it.

Anyway, like pretty much everything I do I bought it back in July and it sat in a box until Saturday.  Seriously, I’m a teacher what did I do all summer??  I decided to give sewing curtains a try while watching a toddler solo and see what happened.  I was pretty much expecting him to have a complete meltdown, cry, scream and rip the fabric in half because all my attention wasn’t on him.  He didn’t though..he just sat and ate his snack and watched the fabric go through the machine.  Every once and awhile he’d say “Oh…wow…amazing!”  Which kind of rocked my face off.  (I was kind of dreading the “terrible twos” but I seriously think this is the best age yet.  Everything is “Amazing” and is always saying “oops..sowwee” whenever he does anything he knows isn’t right..even when he drops a goldfish on the carpet..oops sowwee”..I think the carpet forgives him eventually.

Lots of people are actually pretty surprised that I can sew.  I’m not sure why but when I tell people they are usually pretty shocked–but actually I think it’s the only thing I actually really learned how to do in college.  I was a theatre major and worked in the Costume Shop for 3 years.  I had every intention of moving to Los Angeles and try and get a job working in a costume department at a studio..until I realized that A.)  I totally did not want to move Los Angeles and B.) I didn’t really enjoying sewing clothes all the much.  I liked making “stuff” more like curtains, blankets and all that other crap.  I hated following patterns.  I get frustrated really easily and usually just end up making my own.  Which can frustrate people when costumes are supposed to..you know..fit.

Anyway, the curtains aren’t quiet done.  I still need to buy the rods and sew the top.  I can’t decide if I want to do clips or slide them directly onto the rod.


One Response to “31 Days of: Making a House a Home:: Day 3”

  1. Stefani October 4, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Love the fabric! You can’t go wrong with paisley and the colors are pretty too. I think *two* is the best age. Kids are so much fun at this age. I was a theatre major too but all I learned how to do in collage was type. LOL!

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