31 Days of: Making a House a Home:: Day 7

7 Oct

Monster Edition.

Holden’s second birthday is in twenty days.  That whole concept still kind of boggles my mind..but I’m not going to fret about that until it happens.  He’s 23 months and as far as I am concerned he is going to stay little..forever.

His birthday happens to coincide with my very 2nd favorite holiday of the year.  Halloween!

He wasn’t born ON Halloween..although I wouldn’t have minded that..he was born on the 27th but his parties always fall on the weekend right before the holiday.  Last year we had a pumpkin themed party and this year we are going ALL monster.

I won’t be going all out for a few reasons.  1.)  It’s mostly family..and last year Dave’s cousin actually asked me “if we were having a Halloween party later”.  I said no and he asked why we had all the decorations up.  The theme of a good party is lost on them. 2.) There won’t actually be many kids here…I’ll save the craziness that I know I am capable of when he’s older.

I have however been going a little nuts on Pinterest.

I mean..check this out…Monster Cutlery Holders!

found here

I am going to try a practice run of this cake this week for a school bake sale that we are having…I think I can do it!

found here

And how cute are these cupcake toppers?  Although..if I am making a cake I don’t think I need these.

found here

I only wish I could be this handy with fruit and a knife.


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