31 Days of: Making a House a Home:: Day 8 & 9

9 Oct

Bathroom Makeover Beginnings


In our last house we had two bathrooms.  However, since we’d lived in that house awhile before Holden was born it always read more “Guest Bath” than “Kids Bathroom”.

In our new house?  It doesn’t just look like a kids bathroom it practically screams it at you as you walk in the door.

I have good intentions for that shower curtain.  I promise.

In short it’s completely boring and predictable and I have BIG plans for it before Holden’s birthday party on the 29th..in which I am expecting that some people will have to pee.  Just a shot in the dark there though.  I want it to be a bathroom that works for guests but is still kid friendly.

Here is the plan:

  •  Paint the walls a lightish dark gray.  I tried to explain this color to Dave and he said “like the road”..no.  A light gray but not so light that it looks white.  It’s a small room so I don’t want too dark.  Also, I think gray is a grown-up color that might be kind of fun mixed in with kids stuff.
  • Fix the towel racks.  No joke..the day we moved in almost every towel rack fell down.  Whoever put them up was a crack head.
  • Put up a white waffle shower curtain and lower the shower curtain rod.  Seriously, it seems twenty feet high.

Those are the plans for the near future.  Long term plans include:

  • Making the mirror look less “builder grade” and more custom.
  • Replace the light fixture
  • Replace the flooring

But that stuff can wait.



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