31 Days of: Making a House a Home::Day 14&15

15 Oct

To put it bluntly, today I made my yard my bitch.

Our house was empty for close to a year.  Luckily the agent that was listing our house had her wits about her and knew that a crappy looking yard wasn’t going to sell a house.  So she had someone come and mow the yard and do very simple landscaping every once and awhile.  Still, the house looked like this:

Outta control.

Then in move Dave and Christen.  Not exactly landscapers…not exactly people who like to be outside.  Then it turned into a 100 degree summer and Dave and I promptly ignored the jungle that was our front yard and spent our energy focusing on the inside..kind of.

Today is was a cool 75 degrees, Dave was at work and Holden was playing happily in his “beep beep” out front and I had just bought these pruning shear thingys that I’ve been dying to use so I went crazy.  Pruning.  That big bushy bush in front of the window had grown to cover half of the window.  I cut it all down.  While I was making the bush my bitch I realized it wasn’t looking to..well..pretty.  So I hacked it all off.  I figure if it doesn’t grow back I’ll just rip it out and get another one.

Those green bushes in front of the porch had grown so high you couldn’t even tell we had a porch.  Not anymore..I chopped those down and now you can see our porch.  Those actually look good.

The weirdest thing was we have two evergreens on the side of our house which you can’t see in the picture.  I thought we only had one until today.  Apparently the back evergreen had grown so tall that it shielded the other one from the light so it died and eventually fell over.  However, the edges of the tree fell into the light so they continued to stay green..and grow roots down into the ground.  It was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen.

Tomorrow I’ll show you a picture of the worlds largest pile of yard crap that is out in front of my house.  Luckily our neighborhood has landscaping pick up every Monday.  Woot, woot for HOA fees.


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