31 Days of: Making a House a Home:: Day 16

16 Oct


Sometimes I worry a lot about “making our house feel like a home” but I really think I am just trying make our house LOOK like a home.  It already feels like home even though most of our stuff is in boxes in the garage.

My point was proven today when Holden and I went outside to play.  The backyard is the reason we bought this house.  It’s gigantic.  Perfect for a boy and his dog.  They both would rather be outside than inside any day.  Today Reilly (the dog) dug a hole and Holden laughed and laughed like it was the best thing ever.  Reilly moved on to another part of the yard and Holden played in the dirt for a good twenty minutes.  Did I let him?  Of course.  He’s a boy, he loves dirt and he was having the time of his life.  Plus we have soap.

It’s not perfect.  There are boxes everywhere and my curtains are still stuffed in the tops of my blinds.  I am going to be going back and forth over fabric choices and paint colors long after these 31 days are over.  Because we are here for awhile.  We intend to live here for at least ten years.  It didn’t really hit me until today but this house will be Holden’s childhood home.  He won’t even remember our old house.  It doesn’t really matter how long it takes or how unorganized it feels right now..because it will get there eventually.  I love this 31 days challenge because it keeps me from being lazy and living with the boxes.  So don’t think I’m saying I won’t continue this..I’m just saying that I need to chill out and realize that it’s okay if it’s not perfect right this second.

Because he won’t remember the paint color of the dining room when he grows up.  I mean I don’t remember the color of mine for sure. He will remember Sunday afternoons digging in the dirt in the backyard with his dog.


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