The ne where I confess my love for towel racks.

5 Nov

What happened to days 18-31? Well in classic Christen style I just got too busy and forgot. Well I didn’t forget so much and ignore. Oh well.
I did do stuff though. Holden’s birthday party was last week and I am kind of proud to say that our house did not look like we were waiting fora truck from Salvation Army to show up ans take away all our crap. At least not what people could see anyway. The guest room was a bit terrifying and the garage is still filled with boxes…but baby steps.
As for the stuff…Holden’s bathroom got a new coat of paint and a new shower curtain. It is not finished yet though. I was looking for towel racks and just had not found any that I liked or that were reasonably priced. We had towel racks before but seriously the day we moved in all the towel racks in the house started falling off. We had six when we moved in…none of them are still up. I found towel racks and towel hangers (the circle looking ones) at West Elm for $1.99. Yeah, a dollar friggin ninety-nine. I was terrified that it was some sort of crazy price error and it would go away so I scooped them up fast. I ordered enough for the entire house plus some. Knowing my luck I will probably get a stupid out of stock e-mail from them next week like I ALWAYs get from West Elm whenever I find something awesome for cheap.

I am pretty sure that I never ever thought I would blog about towel racks.


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