My’s a big jumble of weird up there…

6 Feb

So I haven’t been here in awhile. But I have a lot on my mind today..and where better to dump my random thoughts on than the interwebs.

You’re welcome.

Call it a brain dump if you will.

  • I think this is the reason I haven’t been blogging lately.  Most of my thoughts are a sentence or two..and I think..who would want to read that?  So I skip it and don’t blog.
  • Holden doesn’t even look like that baby up there anymore.  We had a conversation the other day which sort of blew my mind parts.  He said, “Mommy, I need oranges”.  I said, “Alright, I’ll get you some”…and then he said “Okay Mommy.  Thanks”.  Then whilst eating said oranges he comes up with this gem, “Thanks so much Mommy”.
  • He sounds polite right?  Notsomuch.  At his nanny’s (fancy name for in-home daycare–but she prefers nanny to babysitter..I can’t blame her she’s a 37 year old woman not a 13 year old girl) Holden dropped his crayons and busted out with “What the hell!”  in front of all his little tiny friends.  I should mention this was right after they prayed for their lunch.
  • I thought the pull to want to stay at home with your kids was supposed to get easier as they got older..not worse?  He’s just SO much fun these days.  I want to hang with this kid all the time.  Stupid work.
  • I forgot to buy dog food for the 2nd day in a row.  I am completely unmotivated and just fed my dog a bowl full of Cheerio’s.
  • Holden can eat 4 bags of Oatmeal for dinner and be super pumped about life.
  • Reilly (my dog) barks every time the neighbor’s come home…and poor Holden always says, “Daddy’s here”.  Dave works til 8 and it kind of breaks my heart to tell him it’s not him
  • 70 Days until school is over.  Round house kicks and finger guns in every general direction.  This year has been so hard.  I love what I teach but one of my classes is challenging and the other can be emotionally draining.  I still love those stinkin’ kids though.
  • I have apparently coined “stinkin” as my new phrase.  I say it all the time.
  • I had the stomach flu last week..Dave & I caught it from Holden.  It was awesome and I have never been more excited to have 2 toilets in our house.  It was that bad.  It did lead to an impromptu Sistare Family Sick Day a few weeks ago.  I went to a call that Holden was sick so I had to leave early and go get him and then a little bit later Dave came sulking in still sick.  Yuck.
  • We got Holden a potty training toilet.  It’s Lightening McQueen (nothing else will do I’m telling yah) and it goes “Vroom Vroom” when you use the flusher.  We haven’t actually used the thing yet.
  • I’m reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time.  Yes, I’m on page 12 and yes, it’s been two weeks..but that’s how it goes around here now.
  • I have so much work to do at school I feel like I could stay there for 24 hours a day for 7 days and still not get it all done.
  • Dave got a new job (yeah!) but he works til 8 (*&^%) I don’t see him til 8:30 on weeknights.  I go to bed at 10:00.  Lots of quality time together.  Not really.

2 Responses to “My’s a big jumble of weird up there…”

  1. Amy February 8, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    OMG I started Pride and Predjudice this week – I can’t get past page 4 – Mr. Bennet’s witty banter only allows me through a paragraph at a time.

  2. D.Rene. February 9, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    I don’t mind the brain dump at all. As a matter of fact, you’ve inspired me to write one of these types of posts. I’m feeling pretty random right about now. So thanks.

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