Brain Dump…Again

11 Mar

On Friday Holden went to the doctor. He had been sick all week with a mild fever and when mucus started coming out of his eyes on Thursday I decided it was time. It was probably passed time actually.
Turns out he had Pink Eye, Strep Throat and a double ear infection. So while I cried in the bathroom for being the worst parent in the world on Friday afternoon I just knew this weekend was going to be tough.
It got even tougher when I got home on Friday afternoon to find Dave sent home from work because HE was sick. Double sickness in my house this weekend.
Oddly enough though..this weekend did not suck. Holden was in pretty good spirits despite being sick and having the worst most uncaring mother in the world (that’s me). I got to spend it at home doing all those little things I have meant to do for months like spray paint curtain hooks and plant new Azaleas in the front yard.

That one was more like a brain purge not a brain dump actually. Whatevs.

I am not going to lie I have been struggling with my job this year. It has been challenging and tough and sometimes I look at Holden and I long for those first nine months I got to be a stay at home mom. I also want another baby so bad but I just cannot imagine how a second little booger would fit into our lives at the moment. I get a little envious of blogs of SAHM or WAHM’s. I want to blog on the back porch while Holden plays. But that is just a “grass is greener” kind of thing. Because honestly I am lucky. I adore my job. Even though this year has been tough and some mornings I would rather stay in bed and watch Sesame Street I still love doing what I do. I also know that after Holden has grown and baby number 2 has made it to school I would feel a bit…empty. Teaching is a huge part of me. It is what I love to do. In a way I am lucky because some people never find what they love to do. I am also in that lull between Christmas Break and the end of the year where I forget that in just about nine weeks I will have about two months off to be that stay at home mom that I am daydreaming about. It really is the best of both worlds.

We have these trees in our backyard. They are Dogwoods I think. They bloom white flowers before they grow their leaves. The blooms smell like dead fish or cat urnine. I know this because Holden and I have spent the betternpart of the afternoon outside. FYI, I am blogging on the back porch. So yeah. Dream accomplished.

I am thinking about taking the blinds off of the doors in the kitchen. Now that Spring has come I want to see sunshine people. My biggest problem will be making sure Dave doesn’t run in their naked or something.

I have got to get Holden to stop saying “what the hell!”. Seriously, how do I do this? I think step one would probably be to stop laughing everytime he says it. But. It. Is. So. Funny. I can’t help it. He said it in McDonalds this afternoon when he dropped his spoon.

Titanic in 3-D! Oh, yes!

The ice cream tuck that is circulating our neighborhood plays “My Lumps” by the Black Eyed Peas…in Ice Cream truck type
music though. I wish I was kidding.


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