Friday Brian Dump

6 Jul
  • WordPress has changed so much since I last logged in that it took me nearly 3 minutes to figured out how to make a post.  Therefore, this post will be awesome.
  • I inherited a bunch of positive things from my mother.  Most notably my eyes, my career, how I stopped having cramps when I had a baby (thankyoujeeesus!)..but recently I’ve discovered a little inheritance that I would like to give back.  Insomnia.  Seriously.  I’ve been up since 8 a.m.  It’s 2 a.m…GO TO SLEEP.
  •  It’s two a.m. so technically yes, it is Friday.
  • I still after almost 31 years can never figure out, where exactly, to put a comma.
  • Speaking of dumps.  Holden is potty training.  When he does his “business” in the toilet he says he has to “dump” and then names his “dumps” Mommy, Daddy and Baby Holden.  If there are more than 4 that gets named Reilly (our dog).
  • That last comment was the kind of thing that would make me stop reading someones blog for good.  Luckily only like 3 of you read this and most of you have known me so long you HAVE to love me.
  • A year ago I wrote a post about Holden in Kindermusik.  For some reason I decided that torture was awesome and signed him up again.  What a difference a year makes.  The kid can’t get enough.  The teacher called him brilliant (he knows all his ocean animals..what what..even an octopus which like..blew my mind).  He asks me every morning when he wakes me we get up if it’s time for music class.  He also asks if we can go to Disney there’s that.
  • We went to Disney World.  Please go to Disney World when your kid is two (and free) because it was the best thing.  ever.
  • I went to China.  Ni hao!  Wo hen hao!  Dou shou tien!  Those are the three phrases I said the most..Hello, I am very well, That is too expensive!  The last because I shopped..a lot.  Seriously, I walked around this one market in a daze shelling out one 100 RMB after another.  Luckily people in my group found me and snapped me out of it before I had to start making fried rice to earn enough money to eat for the rest of the trip .  I’ll have to write more about was amazeballs.



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