Twenty Things You Probably Could Care Less About

8 Jul
  1. I say the phrase “Absolutely not” all the time instead of “no” or “no thanks”  a great friend of mine on the Beijing Trip asked if I’d like to split Peking Duck with her and I said absolutely not!  I think it hurt her feelings and that was the first time I thought to I being rude?  She talked to me again so I got over it.
  2. More people read this blog post than any other post I’ve ever written.  To save you time it’s about me being crazy 8 weeks after Holden was born so Dave kicked me out telling me to go take some “me” time.  However, the title “My husband kicked me out of the house today” is what gets people to read it.  I should add this is because they have done a google search for “My husband kicked me out”, “I kicked out my husband”, “My husband thinks I’m crazy”.  What exactly do you think this says about me?
  3. I don’t write about Wedding Cakes anymore.  I got burnt out.  On cake.  Seriously, do you know there are only so many ways you can say “This cake is gorgeous” before you start to hate the thought of fondant?  I still love that blog though and hope my girl Brooke takes it all the way.
  4. Holden loves pirates.
  5. My favorite food Corn Fritters from Baugher’s Market in Westminster, MD.  I used to think “Grandma Baugher” was my actual grandma because whenever we went there she gave me a cookie.  Clearly as a child I had high grandparent expectations.
  6. Speaking of Baugher’s when I was 19 I found $300 in cash on the floor under my table.  I turned it in.  I should have karma built up for years for that insaneness.
  7. I teach Kindergarten now.  This makes me so, so happy.
  8. I hate drama.  However, I’ve lost a lot of friends because of it.  Usually because whenever something gets too drama/crazy I just kind of fade away.  I haven’t had any drama since college and I like it that way.
  9. I am secretly glad that Johnny Depp is single.  Not that I am.  Or have any chance of meeting him OR if I did that he’d even look in my general direction but it makes me happy because that French lady was never good enough for him.
  10. My dad thinks Johnny Depp is weird.
  11. My dad thinks anyone who doesn’t wear khaki’s and play golf is weird.
  12. My dad thinks I’m weird.
  13. I painted my kitchen last week.  I would take a picture of it but it’s two o’clock in the morning (insomina) so it wouldn’t look awesome.  I kind of love it.  If it’s possible to be in love with a room that is me with my kitchen.  I should invite over Johnny Depp and make him corn.  I got my inspiration from this kitchen on the Restored Style blog.  Love it.
  14. I am very tired.
  15. I stopped eating fast food.  I will probably blog about this one day but I’m trying to eat 52% of a whole foods diet (for health reasons) and did you know that a cheeseburger is not a whole food.  That my friends, is not awesome.
  16. 16 is my lucky number.  It’s my birth date, Dave’s football number, and Holden was born at 1:16 and weighed 8 lbs 8 oz.
  17. I recently crossed an item off my bucket list.
  18. I got stung by a bee yesterday.  I haven’t been stung by a bee since I was 6.  THEN the next day Dave got stung by a bee in the same place.  Clearly we have nest.
  19. I say clearly a lot.  As if you are stupid and cannot understand something unless I point out that clearly you should.
  20. Summer is becoming my favorite season.  I used to hate it and prefer winter..but..with 10 weeks off…I mean really.  How can I hate it anymore–even if it’s in the 100’s everyday.  I have AC.  I’ll just stay inside.  Clearly.

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