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True stories that have actually happened.

13 Feb

18 years old..about four months into college and living on my own for the first time I had this conversation.  I swear up and down that the following statements actually came out of my mouth.

The setting..Victoria’s Secret checkout counter…

“Miss, would you like to apply for a Victoria’s Secret credit card?”

Me:  “God no.  The fact that I sometimes run out of clean underwear is the only reason that I do laundry.  (It was true..when I was in college I had enough clothes to essentially outfit every girl in my sorority  and their worst enemies.)  Can you imagine what would happen if I had unlimited access to panites?   My laundry already looks like it threw up all over my room.  I think it would eat me if I got a credit card here.”

Slightly dramatic was completely true.

Yesterday I had that moment in life when I realized that the girl I was at 18 and the girl I am at 30 might not seem the same but …I haven’t completely lost her.

The setting..the checkout counter at Lowe’s.

“Ma’am (I preferred the miss) would you like to save 5% and apply for a Lowe’s Credit Card”

Me:  “God no!  Can you imagine what would happen if I had a Lowe’s credit card?  My husband would leave me.  I’m certain of that.  He already hates house projects but if I bought him a table saw he would have no excuse.  I’d be installing toilets and installing hardwood like it is my job.”

Good news.  I’m still crazy.


High on thrifitng..and spray paint apparently..

9 Feb

I grew up on Hilton Head.  You are probably thinking one of two things right now.  Oh, you’re a snob OR where the crap is that?

I was a snob because I was from Hilton Head and it wasn’t until I was 19 that I learned that “the ghetto” does not consist of double wides with a nice yard and friendly puppies and an ocean view (true..if you lived in a mobile home on Hilton Head you almost always had a water view)…  And god forbid I buy ANY article of clothing at Wal-Mart.  I remember my college roommates had the CUTEST Demin Jacket (it was 2001 people..those were awesome) from Wal-Mart but I absolutely refused to buy it and spent 40 dollars on an identical jacket from J.Crew.  The salt water in the air just does something to people down there.

Fyi, I did not live here even though I acted like I did.

I also never dreamed of setting foot inside of a thrift store before the age of 20 when I was out on my own (i.e. going to college and having my life funded by my parents) and furnishing an apartment did not come cheap.  There was this place on Hilton Head called The Bargain Box.  As teenagers we loudly mocked the people who would line up outside of the Bargain Box an hour before it opened to get the good stuff.  The Bargain Box was only open three days a week for about 4 hours a day.  Now I think about people’s stuff at Thrift Store prices..that place was probably a flippin’ gold mine.

The first time I went to the Bargain Box I was 21 and a junior in college.  My ex-boyfriend turned enemy turned friend again was a senior in college and getting his own apartment.  When I say enemy I mean enemy.  We continued to have the same friends and he hard core ignored me even if I was in the same room for a good year and a half.  That boy had stamina.  He was a bit eccentric so he wanted to go to the Bargain Box to look for stuff for his new apartment.  I was appalled..however..I was still kind of infatuated with him at the time (did I not mention that?)  so I went..happily.  I remember being AMAZED.  It was vintagey awesome STUFF that was cheap.  He found a lamp that had a map of Delaware on the base…I was obsessed with it.  If I wasn’t obsessed with him I probably would have fought him for it.  Right there in the Bargain Box.  I think about that lamp a lot.  I wonder if he still has it.  I think I actually think more about that lamp than I think about him.  We are facebook friends and sometimes I am tempted to ask him about it.  I never have though because that just seems a little..nuts.

Anyway, Mandy from Harper’s Happenings is sharing some of her recent thriftin’ finds and encouraging others to do that same.  I haven’t been to the Bargain Box in years because I moved away (and gained perspective..although I still have a major hang up about Wal-Mart clothes)…

This elephant I found at Goodwill in Columbia.  I was super pumped because they opened a new Goodwill about 3 miles from my house.  I was so excited I went on opening day and found this elephant.  He was bronze and all tarnished but I spray painted him white.  I am kind of obsessed with him.  I showed him to everyone who entered my house for a few months but no one really cared too much.  I, however, think he is god’s gift to elephantery.  He was 1.00 because..EVERYTHING! was HALF! OFF! for Opening Day!

Our friend Jonas let us store some stuff at his house and in return he asked us to drop some things off at the Salvation Army for him.  I usually don’t do the Salvation Army..but since we were already there………I found these cute little guys!  (There are two..even though there is only one in the picture).  The best part..they were yellow and puke green a’la 1976 thankyouverymuch!  I spray painted them white..again.  I named them Hoots and Boots.  They like their makeover and love being in the 21st century.  Together they were $4.00.  A little pricey in my opinion.  I tried to haggle but the muttery Salvation Army lady wasn’t into it.


Pst, that pretty beach picture came from here.

31 Days of: Making a House a Home:: Day 3

3 Oct

Making da’ curtains.

I have to admit..even though this is my Day 3 post..I actually did this on Day 1.  Time isn’t something I have a lot of Monday thru Friday so don’t think I spend my days sewing.  Just felt like I needed to throw that one out there.

My living room was looking pretty blah.  The walls our neutral because we haven’t had to urge to paint in there yet. Our furniture is dark and for now it matches pretty well so painting is last on our list.  I’d been searching for fabric pretty much all summer with no luck.  My problem was the color scheme in our room.   I went from coral, white and navy, white and navy, green and brown and then to light blue, brown and green..which was I suck with.  Eventually I came across a fabric that I just loved.  I thought about buying curtains because I wanted them to be nicer but with three windows in our living room and two panels per window I thought I might eventually go broke.

So I found this fabric from

I thought it looked all sorts of Pottery Barn-esque and it was only $7.99 a for the entire room it cost about $70.00.  I over bought because I like to hang my curtains high and have them drape on the floor a little bit.  Plus, I bought this brand before when making curtains for Holden’s room and it shrunk quiet a bit when I washed it.

Anyway, like pretty much everything I do I bought it back in July and it sat in a box until Saturday.  Seriously, I’m a teacher what did I do all summer??  I decided to give sewing curtains a try while watching a toddler solo and see what happened.  I was pretty much expecting him to have a complete meltdown, cry, scream and rip the fabric in half because all my attention wasn’t on him.  He didn’t though..he just sat and ate his snack and watched the fabric go through the machine.  Every once and awhile he’d say “Oh…wow…amazing!”  Which kind of rocked my face off.  (I was kind of dreading the “terrible twos” but I seriously think this is the best age yet.  Everything is “Amazing” and is always saying “oops..sowwee” whenever he does anything he knows isn’t right..even when he drops a goldfish on the carpet..oops sowwee”..I think the carpet forgives him eventually.

Lots of people are actually pretty surprised that I can sew.  I’m not sure why but when I tell people they are usually pretty shocked–but actually I think it’s the only thing I actually really learned how to do in college.  I was a theatre major and worked in the Costume Shop for 3 years.  I had every intention of moving to Los Angeles and try and get a job working in a costume department at a studio..until I realized that A.)  I totally did not want to move Los Angeles and B.) I didn’t really enjoying sewing clothes all the much.  I liked making “stuff” more like curtains, blankets and all that other crap.  I hated following patterns.  I get frustrated really easily and usually just end up making my own.  Which can frustrate people when costumes are supposed

Anyway, the curtains aren’t quiet done.  I still need to buy the rods and sew the top.  I can’t decide if I want to do clips or slide them directly onto the rod.

31 Days of: Making A House A Home:: Day One

1 Oct

I moved in my house at the beginning of May and I have a secret.

This is my spare room.  I have no idea what’s in these boxes.

Also, since when do we own a guitar?  I usually just shut this door.

This is my garage.

Yeah, that’s a dresser that hasn’t quiet made it inside the house yet.  (It’s destined for that spare yeah..there is no room for it).  Also, that weird tiny coat rack looking thing?  It’s a kids coat rack with pencils on it that I bought about five years ago to put in my classroom for rainy days.  It’s never seen the inside of a school building.  Why do I still have it?  Also, Holden’s swing.  We have a swing set and it’s about twenty feet from the spot where it’s sat since May to the backyard.  Why is it still sitting there?

Oh, here is the pile in my office/dining room.  That’s supposed to go to Goodwill.  Which is less than 2 miles away and I pass every day on the way to work.  But I haven’t made it there yet.

Why?  Because there is a pile of crap in the back of my Pilot and it’s been there for over a month and a half.  To be fair I did have emergency gallbladder surgery which prohibited me from lifting anything over ten pounds for 3 of those weeks..but still.  My reasoning for not bringing it in the house?  I don’t want to look at it.

I don’t even have a picture to show you of the pile of Holden’s baby stuff in my parent’s basement.  Or, the weight bench that is at my in-laws.  Clearly we have a problem.  We are half living in our house.  Which is why I am going to spend the next 31 days making our house into our home.  Our “stuff” is here and when we look around it kind of feels like home..but it still feels like this is only temporary and any day now we’ll be heading back to our old house.  It’s not that I have issues with leaving the old house.  I loved that house and I don’t think I’ll ever love this house that way–I mean it’s not comparable was our first house–but I really like this house and we are much happier here..even though we are still surrounded by boxes.  And it’d be really awesome to start using all that extra square footage we were doing fist-pumps about six months ago.

There will hopefully be a few big projects including some paint in the office and bathroom and a total landscaping makeover and of course I’ll be sharing some little projects like cleaning out my car and getting my *@&# to Goodwill.  Hopefully by Halloween my house won’t look so scary.

How we do it..

15 Jun

Around here we watch Mary Poppins poolside while eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Don’t hate.