52 Pictures

So..I was supposed to post one photo every day and I failed with flying colors.  I’ve decided to go with the slightly more manageable Photo of the Week instead.

Week Eleven

He rolls.

Holden rolled over from his front to back a few times this week!  Then he decided he had enough of rolling and pretends he forgot how.

Week Ten

Owen & Shahrzad visit.  Because of this..and all the shopping that was involved Dave spent the next three weeks spending time with Holden doing “man things” to counter-act all the girly shopping & gossip Holden was a part of that week.

Week Nine

He Eats

At Dr. Luke’s suggestion we started feeding Holden a teeny tiny portion of “real food”.  His first food?  Oatmeal!  Day One went pretty bad but by Day 2 he actually ate some of it and didn’t look completely horrified.

Week Eight

When he hurts..I hurt.

Teething has begun, and there are very few moments when he’s happy and normal without being hopped up on tylenol.  And yeah…thats a happy face, my kid refuses to smile for the camera.

Week Seven

New Furniture!

It seemed like it took years (it didn’t) but our new pretty pretty couch and chair finally arrived.  Fun fact, it’s a sofa bed..with an air mattress!

Week Six


My niece, nephew, sister and brother-in-law came for a visit.  It stressed Holden out 110% but we had fun (and more snow!)

Week Five

Holden’s First Snow

He didn’t like it, but he’s the cutest bear I’ve ever seen.

Week Four

Impromptu Trip to Asheville

We took an unplanned trip to Asheville for the day.  What an awesome town!  The bad part..it was so cold we couldn’t really get out of the car for fear Holden would freeze to death.  We did find an awesome bookstore.

Week Three

Holden and his bouncer
Holden can’t quiet bounce in his bouncer yet because his feet don’t touch the floor. However, he loves sitting in it and shaking like a maniac.

Week Two

Holden’s Naked Day
There is nothing Holden would rather be than naked. It’s weird. I know. But look who is Dad is. ‘Nuff said.  He spent the entire day sans onesie and hasn’t been happier with life (two hour nap!! half of it in his bed and not on my lap!! sucess!!)

Week One
Chicken Chili Disaster of Twenty-Ten
My first attempt at cooking chicken since my chicken aversion during pregnancy. I was SO excited and it smelled beyond amazing. Error..I used super hot Chili tomatoes instead of mild. I couldn’t eat (I’m a whimp) and Dave could eat about half a bowl (not a whimp) before he felt nauseous. I’ll try again later.


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